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Artist Spotlight: Machi

Montreal based producer Machi is a young artist who started making music in 2011, reproducing songs and piano compositions by ear. That same year, she started composing her own music, and in 2013, she released “Princesse de Larmes,” a magical piano-driven piece that truly propelled her in the scene, as she gained lots of listeners and exposure.

She has also released a pop-rock EP, “The Other Half,” a piano-guitar record home to a collection of beautiful sonic gems, followed by Late Night Thinking, released in 2018. 

Since 2011, she has composed over 400 compositions, mostly found on her YouTube channel, a great platform for her to share all the music she creates, especially for the singles that didn’t make it on any of her previously released albums. 

Her style is sharp and polished, and yet she magically instills a dose of fun and electronica in many of her latest releases, such as “The Maeve Song,” “I’m Staying At Home,” or “The Kinessa Song.” 

 An artist to watch for in 2020, Machi is one of the most prolific artists out there, and those who don’t know her yet can check her YouTube page for all the latest songs and visuals, ranging from classic to pop and electronic sonic experiences.