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Are Mia Khalifa & Jhayco Back Together? Here’s Why Fans Think So

Are Mia Khalifa and Jhayco back together again? On Jan. 23, the Lebanese-American media personality posted an Instagram post, seemingly confirming that the two are seeing each other again – and fans are curious to know what’s going on.

Khalifa’s Instagram story shows her dipping a chicken strip inside a cup of sauce. She’s inside a car next to another passenger whose face we don’t see. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed the tattoos on the person’s arm and claim they were the same as that of the Puerto Rican rapper. She wrote in the post: “When TikTok influences you to go to the chicken place where they sell sauce by the CUP.” She was referreing to TikTok videos about being able to order an entire cup of their famous sauce.

Due to the familiar tattoos, online users now think that the two former lovers are back together. “MIA KHALIFA AND JHAYCO ARE TOGETHER AGAIN???? QUEEEEEEEEEE,” an X user wrote. “Seeing Jhayco and Mia Khalifa back together after breaking up and publicly dragging each other just proves that love always wins ❤️,” another X user wrote.

The latter X user refers to online arguments the duo have had in the past. Most recently, the two public figures had a heated online exchange following the Puerto Rican rapper’s Instagram story post of children in a cage with a broken heart emoji.  She wrote: “Please stop sending me my ex’s story of Palestinian children in cages claiming they’re Israeli. I knew he was a lost cause that lacked critical thinking when I had to beg&fight him to share a post in solidarity with Women after Roe v. Wade was repealed, he wouldn’t know a human rights violation from a traffic violation.”

Jhayco responded by saying that it was true that he wasn’t informed and that unlike others, he has to actually work, seemingly shading his ex-partner, who he says only does OnlyFans and “little magazine covers trying to ‘rebrand’.” Khalifa replied saying: “Being slut shamed is something I’m used to, but being slut shamed by someone I had to personally educate in sexual health and safety is dystopian.” She also wrote, “No one is more misogynistic than an insecure man.”

As of right now, neither artist has confirmed if they’re officially back together or not.