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Anyma Releases Cinematic Sophomore Album ‘Genesys II’

You might not know the name Matteo Milleri, but he has taken the dance music scene by storm over the past couple years. Better known as Anyma, Milleri can be credited for the powerful melodic-techno movement we’ve seen over the past couple years, as well as the breathe-taking visual experience he provides during his solo shows and as one half of the duo Tale Of Us. Milleri released his debut album Genesys just over six months ago and has already returned for the sequel in Genesys II.

Genesys II is 21 tracks total, with 10 original tracks featuring artists like PARISI, Rebūke, and Delilah Montagu. While the back side features 11 remixes, with 10 of them being of tracks from his first album Genesys by the likes of Kölsch, Amelie Lens, and Eric Prydz, and one being a remix of the previously released Genesys II track “Pictures Of You” from Cassian.

To put it simply, this album is epic. There’s something cinematic about melodic techno in general but especially when it’s done by an artist as talented as Anyma. The project is centered around the connection between technology, nature, and humanity and those themes can be heard heavily throughout both vocals and production.

The production on the album is so cutting-edge yet also organic in a sense. 21 tracks sounds like a lot but after a listen through it doesn’t seem like enough. Each track leads into the next seamlessly making for a journeying and enjoyable experience. Anyma is a force, pushing boundaries aurally, visually, and it is a privilege we are able to experience his talents.

Listen to Genesys II below and enjoy!

Anyma – Genesys II

-Written By: JD Scribner
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