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Alleged Woman Who Threw Beer at Karol G Comes Forward, ‘We All Make Mistakes’

A woman claiming to be the person who threw beer at Karol G has spoken out! After heavy criticism of what appeared to be a malicious moment towards La Bichota, an Internet user who claims to be the woman in question has publicly come forward to clear up the accusations. As we know, there are always two sides to every story – here’s what she had to say about the filmed moment.

“I feel embarrassed with you guys, but things are not as they appear to be. To start off, the drink was not alcohol,” the alleged fan’s Facebook comment reads. “I am not a fan of Anuel or Yailin. Clearly, if I was in Provenza, it is because I went to enjoy the company of Karol G. I got a little excited and threw water.”

She continued, “It is a lack of respect and I apologize to everyone, and especially to the singer. We all make mistakes. A thousand apologies.” If it is her, could it be that she really did just get too emotional in front of the “Tusa” singer? If it’s not actually her, what’s the point of attempting to clear up the situation?

Regardless of the outcome, what’s clear is that the Internet was quick to find the alleged woman’s social media. If they are correct, then their suggestions point to a woman by the name of Kim Michellson. Michellson posted a TikTok apologizing again about the situation and clarifying that she is indeed a fan of the “MAMIII” singer. She then says that she was drunk, but she understands that that doesn’t justify her actions.

“You know, I think that something good came out of this incident. She has already apologized, it should not be done again, but Karol needs to improve her security,” a TikTok user (karencastro1983) pointed out in the comment section. 

Hopefully, this is a lesson learned by fervent fans, and nothing like this ever happens again to our Bichota!