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All That For A Drop of Clout: LeBron James Rips “Influencers” For Protest Photo-Ops

If you’re out here using the protests to boost your social media status, WE SEE YOU.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the taking place across the country, hell around the world, there are some people out here on the streets just doing it for the gram. Sunday (May.31) and Monday (Jun.1) there was some looting in the Santa Monica area, two women have yet to be identified showed up for some staged photo ops.

In one video, a woman can be seen pretending to help by posing with a drill and help board up a shop. In another post, another woman poses in front of a T-Mobile store that has been looted and poses while her boyfriend takes a photo. The person recording the video can be heard saying, “This girl is making her boyfriend take a picture of her in front of a smashed T-Mobile. Oh my God!”

, who has been very vocal during the protests, let it be known he is not here for these “influencers” out here taking photos for an ounce of clout and retweeted Ava DuVernay’s tweet sharing his disgust with the photo-ops.

These white women have lost their damn minds clearly. Black people’s plight is no opportunity for you to get your followers up… AT ALL.

Even P!nk responded to the nonsense, also sharing DuVernay’s with the caption “What is wrong with these entitled assholes?! Who the fuck are you and who are your parents, you horrible person. How can anyone defend this???!!!”

We know Twitter detectives won’t let us down when it comes to finding out who these two clowns are.

Photo: Harry How / Getty