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Ahee & ProbCause Join Forces on Uplifting Bass Heater “Rainbow Funk”

If you were craving an uplifting, mind-blowing heater, today’s your lucky day. Ahee and ProbCause have joined forces to create one of the most fun spins on a bass track that we’ve heard in a long time. This is “Rainbow Funk.”

Just the name alone got us excited to give Ahee and ProbCause’s brain-child a listen. When we pressed play, our expectations were blown out of the water. The duo merges addictive guitar riffs and crisp beats to fuel our brains, overlaying an impeccably smooth-flowing rap to send it into another dimension. The joy that went into making this song is self-evident, and especially shines in the track’s creative drops.

You can stream “Rainbow Funk” at the link below, out everywhere via Jadū Dala. Enjoy!

Ahee & ProbCause – Rainbow Funk

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