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Afterlife rounds out 2023 with largest label compilation to date, ‘Realm Of Consciousness VI’

Embarking on the sixth journey of Afterlife‘s revered Realm Of Consciousness series, this compilation stands as the most extensive offering yet, boasting an impressive total of 28 tracks. Featuring an array of distinguished artists including Anyma, CamelPhat, and Dancing Astronaut Artists to Watch in 2023Chris Avantgarde and Kevin De Vries. Named Dancing Astronaut‘s 2022 Label of the Year, Realm Of Consciousness VI is a full-circle moment for the Tale of Us imprint, highlighting the influence the label has had on the global dance music sphere.

As Afterlife’s continues to expand, many tracks from the series’ sixth installment have been used in Tale of Us’ mesmerizing audiovisual performances. From the vibrant nights at Hï Ibiza to the spellbinding productions at the Brooklyn Mirage, certain tracks have emerged as crowd favorites, evoking incredible crowd reactions. Chris Avantgarde and Anyma’s “Simulation”, Marino Canal‘s “Independence”, and Colyn‘s “Beyond Control” have elicit profound responses within these immersive settings. Cassian‘s “Aran”—a production completed as early as July 2022—epitomizing the anticipation and allure associated with the most coveted melodies within the melodic sphere.

Diving further into the compilation’s sonic journey, Dyzen‘s “Laser Game” entrances listeners while Woo York‘s “What We Are” delves into the duo’s darker, heavier sonic realm. Additionally, KAS:ST‘s “Breathless” further solidifies their status as stalwarts of the label, presenting yet another timeless melody that encapsulates their artistry. With a grand total of 28 tracks, Realm Of Consciousness offers an auditory expedition that transcends the boundaries of techno. Stream the VA in full below.

Featured image: Damiano Allessandri

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