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Zoé Deliver a Futuristic Spiritual Voyage on ‘Karmadame’ Video

In their refusal to the end of summer, the Mexican band continues to explore the tunes of their path towards nirvana. This time frontman Leon Larregui and producer Craig Silvey join forces at Panoram Studios in CDMX to deliver the futuristic spiritual voyage that is “Karmadame.”

Warm guitar strums tease the listener into an open countryside. Cut to buffered bass lines and electronic drum machines that steadily carry the heartbeat of the song. Warping chords off synthesizers unfold as Leon Larregui’s gentle croon pierces right in between.

The music video was filmed in Barcelona by hand of Ida Cuellar, Stephanie Carpinelli, and Larregui himself. The song´s lyrics release poetic mantras that embrace change, detachment, and growth just like the title suggests.

“Fui tu rey, fui tu esclavo, fui tu santo, fui tu diablo, fui tu mujer, fui tu hermano, fui tu hermano,” the leader sings as ecstatic beams highlight a forest rave. As the skies dim into hazy violet-orange, a French-spoken kiss delivers the viewer towards a candle-lit ceremony on our way to the other side.

The visual realm of the music video spots motorcycle diaries of tarot card games and innocent, devilish friends teasing each other with spells as they glare into the open. The video snags the best of 35mm film-like aesthetics and wisely portrays such colors in favorable settings (See mystical beachside dunes with femmes fatales basking to the Spanish sun.).