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Yailin La Más Viral Is Back On Instagram & Posted About Anuel AA Amid Divorce Rumors

Following Anuel and Yailin la Mas Viral’s alleged divorce rumors, it appears that Yailin’s back on social media – and supporting her husband. How’s that for “Real Hasta La Muerte”? 

In a recent Instagram story post, Yailin reposted Anuel’s latest social media post about his forthcoming single “Mercedes Tintia.” She published a devil and a clock emojis in anticipation of the single, set to drop later today (Aug. 25). In a second post, she’s jamming to what sounds like another Anuel song. Whether or not the couple’s still together or headed for divorce, it seems Yailin unconditionally supports her (still) husband.

For those who aren’t up to date with the “Si Tu Me Busca” singers, the divorce rumors started last week when a podcast spilled the alleged tea of the two going through a “marriage crisis.” People started to believe the speculation, especially since the Dominican rapper had deleted her Instagram account at the time. Now, her Instagram is back in full – with the presence of the couple’s photos together.

Based on this, if they were going through a crisis, it appears that their status is in a better place now. Though Anuel has yet to post anything new with Yailin, the two remain following each other’s social media. 

Is the divorce drama all a marketing strategy? With all eyes now on the couple’s alleged drama, it’s possible that it’s all a move to help promote their newest endeavors. Currently, Anuel is promoting his new footwear collaboration with Reebok that drops tomorrow (Aug. 26), as well as the aforementioned single.

Before the release of “Mercedes Tintia,” both artists made an appearance on Tokischa’s newest “unapologetic provocateur” single “Delincuente.” Toki’s single featured a verse by the Puerto Rican rapper, while the music video counted on Yailin’s presence.

We don’t know what the couple’s current state is – but we hope it’s a good one!