It is enough!

Mark Zuckerberg is very upset! Last year he unveiled big plans to transform Facebook into Meta, including “digital outfits” for horrid little avatars. Beige slacks, yellow pantsuits, sensible blazers, and shin-length dresses, it was as if Zuckerberg had modeled the future of fashion off an episode of The Apprentice – only with less sex appeal and more pointed brogues. Unsurprisingly, people were left uninspired, with “Jenny” even suggesting that whoever designed the clothes for Meta should take a styling course, and do so ASAP!

And then – if only to make matters worse – the company’s attempt to curry favour with fashion was further thwarted when it tweeted “Hey @Balenciaga, what’s the dress code in the metaverse?” to absolutely no reply. Embarrassing! Eight months later, however, and it seems as though something, AKA a collaboration of some sort, may actually be in the works. This is what happened on Twitter yesterday afternoon:

And this is how Balenciaga replied:

Someone (Eva Chen) has Demna in a headlock and they are forcing a fashion announcement that will “break the metaverse”, according to Chen’s stories. In an accompanying Instagram post, the fashion partnerships director asked her 2 million followers “who wore it better?” referencing a… grey t-shirt… that she has selected for an avatar that doesn’t really look like her. “Going live tomorrow with @zuck to share some exciting news about avatar fashion,” the caption reads. So, it looks as though Balenciaga is now outfitting Meta, or hawking some kind of NFT, or selling a grey t-shirt. Who knows! But Zuckerberg got his way in the end.