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Woman Says None of Late Friend’s ‘Best Friends’ Attended Funeral

A woman grieving the death of her friend is heartbroken none of the late woman’s “best friends” attended the funeral.

On Reddit, the woman shared that most of the people who attended her friend’s funeral consisted of family members and co-workers.

“None of her best friends who I met through her bothered to show up,” she wrote in her Reddit post.

When she ran into the woman’s “actual best friend” since elementary school at a bar a few weeks after the funeral, the other woman told her she simply “couldn’t get off work that day.”

“[She] said it in a very dismissive and unconcerning manner, and then she just went about her night partying with her other friends without a concern or care in the world,” she shared.

“It really put into perspective for me that a lot of connections that we have are not genuine connections. Most people you know are gonna instantly detach from you when you die because they can no longer benefit from you,” the woman added.

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The woman now realizes the important connection she actually shared with her deceased friend.

“I had to face the fact that when she died I was her only real friend, and when I think about it her day one best friends only came around when there was fun to be had,” she wrote, adding, “They weren’t there for her when she needed a babysitter so she could go to work. It was me.”

“I spent years thinking that I couldn’t compete with her best friends when in reality I was her best friend, and she was mine,” she concluded.

The woman’s story of friendship and loss moved Reddit readers in the comments section.

“It seems like her real best friend did show up to the funeral,” one person wrote, summing things up beautifully.

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