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Woman Roasted for Demanding Husband Not Post Any Pics of Her

A woman on Reddit demanded her husband not post any photos online after an evening out with him and his co-workers.

The woman’s husband’s company recently hosted a dinner to celebrate his success, so she bought a new white dress to wear for the event.

“When I put it on before we left, my husband told me that the dress was practically see-through and left nothing to the imagination. I looked in the mirror, and he seemed to be exaggerating, so I told him that it wasn’t nearly as noticeable as he was making it out to be,” she wrote via Reddit.

“You could sort of see the outline of my bra, but everyone wears underwear, and, unless someone was deliberately looking, it wasn’t an issue. We went back and forth a bit — I didn’t have any other dresses that fit me, as I recently gained a bit of weight and haven’t had a need to dress formally, he said he’d rather me dress more casually than wear that,” she added.

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Her husband eventually “gave in” and she wore the dress to the “lovely” dinner, where she met his co-workers and bosses.

“Afterwards, he wanted to make a post on social media about the night, and asked me to choose which pictures to include. I saw the pictures of me, and my jaw dropped — the flash from the camera, and the lighting in general, made my outfit way more revealing than it looked in the mirror at home. You can see every roll, every freckle, it leaves almost nothing to the imagination. I was completely embarrassed, and told my husband not to post them,” she detailed.

Her husband told her that he had no pictures of himself without her in them. She asked him to try Photoshopping her outfit, but her told her he didn’t know how to do that.

“After an argument, I won and he agreed not to make the post, but he said he still wants to send some to his parents directly,” she continued, adding that none of the photos are “flattering” and they make her appear “naked.”

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“He said since his co-workers and bosses saw me like that, he should at least be able to show his parents as well. I feel like, since my husband agreed that the dress was too revealing, he should be understanding that I don’t want him sharing pictures of it with family. His co-workers and bosses are one thing, I never have to see them again. But family is family,” she wrote.

However, her husband thinks she’s “not being fair.”

“In his words, I insisted on wearing the dress, and now I’m preventing his family from seeing pictures because of it. I want to just forget about the whole thing and move on, he seems to really want to share pictures of the night,” she concluded.

Users in the comments blasted the woman for wearing the dress after her husband warned her about it.

“This was an important event for your husband. He pointed out the issue with your dress and asked you not to wear it. You wore the dress anyway so you got what you wanted. Then you see the pictures and surprise, it’s as he stated. You demand he doesn’t share pictures and again you get what you wanted. He has every right to be frustrated,” one person wrote.

“It was his night with co-workers. He tried to be pretty damn clear you shouldn’t wear that dress. What you’re seeing in the pics? Yeah, everyone saw that night, the co-workers, the public, etc. Now for you to be la di da dismissive as in ‘his co-workers saw …so what…. I’ll never see them again’ is the REASON you’re in this position. You didn’t care, and still don’t about your husband’s career, perception of him professionally, etc. He tried to discuss it that night and you didn’t listen,” another commented.

“You insist on wearing certain clothes, then ban him from posting pictures because you realized you f—ed up? You sound a bit narcissistic lol. Even when your husband is right… he’s wrong?” someone else weighed in.

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