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Woman Gets Sister-In-Law Arrested on Her Wedding Day

What would you do if your sister-in-law broke the law on her wedding day?

In a recent Reddit thread, a 24-year-old woman revealed that she helped get her sister-in-law arrested after she kidnapped their dogs… all on her actual wedding day.

The woman and her 24-year-old husband adopted two corgis and a pomeranian six months prior to the big day. The dogs were adopted from a puppy mill that shut down nearby and needed lots of medical attention. Her sister-in-law named “Amy” asked if the pooches could be their ring bearer and flower girls for the ceremony despite the fact that they don’t get along.

“She has said numerous hurtful and cruel things about me to my family and really anyone who will listen,” the poster explained. “I am not even invited to the wedding as I would ‘ruin the vibe.'”

The poster told her sister-in-law that she could not use her dogs for a number of reasons, including the fact that she wasn’t invited and the fact that the dogs would all be undergoing surgery (getting fixed and dental work) just a few days prior to their nuptials.

On the day of the wedding, the dogs were still resting and recovering when their owners went out to run errands briefly. When they were out they got a motion notification and it was Amy breaking into their home via the back door. The couple called the soon-to-be husband to let him know what happened and he ended up hanging up on them. The woman came home to discover her dogs missing with their cones for their recovery, left behind.

She called the police and showed them the video and told them her wedding venue. She was arrested on-site for breaking and entering along with theft and was charged with a class one felony and misdemeanors. The dogs were safe but one of them was bleeding and opened up her stitches and needed emergency vet attention.

“Now everybody is saying I ruined the wedding and I overreacted to the entire situation,” the woman shared. “I am also being told that I need to pay them back for the wedding since it never happened.”

The poster decided not to pay them nor drop the charges against the sister-in-law despite the family’s disapproval.

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