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Woman Discovers Fiancé Is Cheating… Through a Banda MS Instagram Video

A woman is thanking Banda MS for helping her discover that her fiancé was cheating. The Mexican band unknowingly revealed her fiancé with another woman in their Instagram stories. The story of Banda MS’ Instagram stories outing the cheating lover went viral on TikTok this week. The TikTok user Eli García revealed in a storytime post how she discovered that her fiancé was with another woman at the grop’s concert.

García said her fiancé was invited by his hairdresser to the Banda MS concert. When she was browsing Banda MS’ Instagram stories, the band posted a photo of García’s fiancé dancing with another woman. The woman in the photo was her fiancé’s hairdresser. García noted in her post that she had no idea that her fiancé’s hairdresser was a woman. 


Quiero agradecer a @BANDA MS por qué gracias a ellos al fin pude conocer a su amigo barbero con el que iba a ir a su concierto ?? #Viral #Infiel #Concierto #Barbero #Compartir

♬ sonido original – Satomi

“I want to thank Banda MS because thanks to them I could finally see [my boyfriend’s] amigo barbero that he went to the concert with,” García wrote. García was going to marry her boyfriend. Now seeing that he was with another woman at Banda MS’ concert, he’s become her ex.

Last month, Banda MS contributed the original song “141” to the online game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. It marked the first time a música mexicana song was a part of the game’s soundtrack. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Call of Duty,” said Sergio Lizárraga, founder of Banda MS, in a statement. “We are proud to contribute to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II with something as engraved in Mexican culture as a corrido. We cannot wait for everyone to listen to our song.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was released on Oct. 28. The song was an ode to the Mexican Special Forces’ Task Force 141 in the game, led by the character Alejandro Vargas.