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Woman Discovers ‘Dead Husband’ Is Alive With Another Woman

A TikToker recounted the wild story of how her husband allegedly faked his death, only to discover that he moved to Mexico with another woman.

On March 24, TikTok user @AnessaRossii, posted a storytime where she explained that the Miami-Dade police department informed her that they had her then-husband’s body and died of an apparent suicide.

“So you and your family plan his funeral and everyone was shocked that this happened but you’re on bad terms with your ex-husband’s family so you stay in California and they stay in Florida while they ‘plan the funeral,'” she said.

Anessa Rossi explained that she didn’t go to the funeral services in Florida as his family told her that it would be “too traumatic if you were to show up because you were in the middle of a divorce with your husband.”

However, Rossi shared that after she spoke with alleged local police officers and coroner’s office, she realized that it wasn’t real.

“It is now March and you spend months grieving and you even think about ‘unaliving’ yourself because you feel like you are the one that did it,” she continued. “And one day you go on live on TikTok and someone tells you to check your DMs because they have information regarding your husband.”

She opened up the message only to apparently discover that he was allegedly alive, living in Mexico with the woman he was having an affair with for the last six years.

Her ex-husband Tim, who was not on social media, made an account to respond to her claims. He said that her TikTok was “the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Tim alleged that he asked her for a divorce before he moved. He also claimed that he was in contact with her mother, and even recorded their conversations, most of which were about her daughter allegedly not being employed.

Rossi shared that his TikTok was the first time she saw her ex-husband since July 2022 when he apparently went to Mexico. She claimed that she has not heard from him since his supposed death and that they are still legally married.

Watch the detailed saga, below.

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