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Woman Annoyed Male Neighbor Catcalls Her Every Time She Walks By

A woman is fed up with a neighbor who won’t stop sexually harassing her every time she walks out her front door.

On Reddit, the anonymous 25-year-old woman explained she rents a single room in a house. Nearly every time she goes out, a “random male neighbor” catcalls her.

The neighbor “always makes a point to yell ‘DAMN!’ whenever I leave my house and it’s been irritating me,” she wrote via Reddit.

“He yells it louder if I’m walking alone at night on my way to somewhere, the only time he doesn’t do it is when I have an Uber waiting outside for me or if I’m handling tasks like laundry, etc.,” she continued.

The woman explained she usually tries to “ignore catcalls but it’s annoying when it’s a guy that lives near me and waits for me to walk out my door and then treats me like a piece of meat.”

“I really want to see who it is exactly and confront him but I’m planning to move asap for other reasons,” she added.

Now, she’s wondering if it’s “worth it” to contact her landlord, or if she should “confront him head on” or “just ignore” it?

In the comments section, many Reddit users urged the woman to confront her neighbor.

“Does he live with any women? Men like this often need to have their mommies (or whatever poor woman they’ve substituted for their mommy) reteach them how to treat women,” one person wrote.

“Confront him OR do it back to him. Guys get uncomfortable when we catcall them,” someone else suggested.

Others, however, advised her to brush it off.

“Just yell leave me alone. It doesn’t need to be some big confrontation,” one person commented.

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