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Who is Lipsia? New Video “Borracho” Features The Latin Inspired Pop Star

Today – our guest – the one and only – Lipsia. Who is Lipsia? Angolian – and Latin Inspired Pop Star. Check her newest music video on YouTube and follow her on Instagram!

– Who has been the biggest single influence on your music and how you perform your art?

I don’t really think that – I might have biggest single influence on my music because the more I know myself, the more I understand that every song relates to an experience in a unique way and enables me to grow in different aspects in life. 

 – What are your thoughts on social media – when you realize people are falling in love with you, your sound?

When your work is getting the exposure it deserves,  it is important to bear in mind that people are falling in love with your work, your creativity and your talent, but,  not really with you. This really helps me developing good relationship and stay humble with my fans. My purpose is solemnly that! Helping inspiring millions of people out there that are pursuing their own passions.

 – You’ve obviously been down at the bottom and now you’ve experiencing the top of an independent artist, what would you say are the highs and low of an independent artist?

Being an independent artist has several advantages but also many disadvantages. 

The highs of an independent artist:

  • Great learning about the music industry which, helps develop a vision and multiple skills of entrepreneurship. 
  • There’s no need to an artist to depend on others to do anything related to his career.
  • The artist is totally free to use his own creativity without any interruption or influence of someone else. 

The lows of an independent artist:

  • You will be responsible for everything. 
  • It is not an easy task managing different areas of your career all at the same time. 
  • To start any project you will need to have a huge investment behind you.
  • At times you will find some opportunities that are only available for the signed artists. 
  • Independent artist (besides their artwork) should also be able to develop leadership skills. 

 – Do you admire anybody in particular? Is there anybody you’ve gained a new found respect for after meeting them?

Personally I’ve never met Beyoncé in person but I make a lot of researches about her personality.Her strength and ability to handle and see the world is really inspiring. It is more than an individual with talent, she’s very human. She is the proof that being a successful person is more than having a few millions in the bank. It is really about living your life with an open heart. 

Her success was very well deserved. 

 – Listening to ’Borracho’, I was blown away. I had no idea you could sing like this. What made you want to do this record? 

What makes an art work special, is the story behind it. 

6 months ago I was having a reconciliation with my ex so then we decided to have a negotiation. He wanted to shoot his video with me. As a exchange I asked him to produce a song for my EP. As a result, I came up with an idea trying to explain to him that producing this song for my new project will have many advantages because of the future earnings. In fact, I told him even though we are not together anymore, we should help each and have a collaborative spirit, mostly because of our child in order to guarantee a better future for her.