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White Baltimore Cop Under Investigation For Coughing At Black Residents

At a time when everyone should be mindful of protecting themselves and others from the spread of , a is under investigation for doing the exact opposite–purposefully.

According to TMZ, a white police sergeant who was placed to patrol the Perkins Homes complex in East Baltimore is currently under investigation after a video was posted showing the officer coughing at residents without covering his mouth after being heckled at the property, including the woman recording it.

Baltimore PD spokeswoman Lindsey Eldridge says, “We have viewed the video, in its entirety, and believe it warranted being forwarded to the Public Integrity Bureau for an internal investigation.”

and pending investigation, the gossip site confirmed that the sergeant is still on active duty right now and noted that there was uncertainty on whether the officer has been tested for coronavirus; despite the having 12 Baltimore cops have tested positive for coronavirus and more than 100 are reportedly still under quarantine-making the officer’s actions even more heinous.

Even though the officer’s actions are extremely deplorable, the woman recording the video spoke some pretty off collared misconceptions about the virus as well. The ideology that Africans and African Americans are somehow immune to the virus, succumbing to COVID-19 at a higher rate than their counterparts.

According to a recent report, Chicago found that 70 percent of people who died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, are black — even though the city’s population is just 30 percent black. In Milwaukee County, which is 27 percent black, the figure is 81 percent.

Check out the disturbing video below.

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