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We’ve been keeping a lookout for Coldplay’s Latin American leg of their tour for any tribute surprises, and sure enough, they’ve done it again. The “Yellow” singing rock band delivered a tribute to Juan Gabriel by covering “Amor Eterno” for their fans in Mexico City at the Foro Sol on April 3. What a way to open their first out of four dates in the city!

Before starting their cover dedicated to El Divo de Juárez, frontman Chris Martin lifted the audience’s spirits by having them send love from Mexico City to “anywhere in the world that will benefit from this amazing energy that we’ve created.” 

Soon after, the singer-songwriter started vocalizing, singing in Spanish as he played his acoustic guitar. “In the world, we enjoy beautiful places, we feel fortunate to see them, but to be on this stage is a gift from God,” he sang. He then praised some things that Mexico City is known for, “Your mariachis, your music, Frida Kahlo’s house… a singer can always be happy in Mexico City.” 

That’s when he began vocalizing the iconic “Amor Eterno” tune that immediately had the audience singing with him. “Amor eterno, eterno amor,” he repeated as he led up to the song’s emblematic and unmistakable chorus. Then he finished up by saying in Spanish: “I always want to play in Mexico City, please.”


What a heartfelt and unique way to connect with their Latine audience! The British rock band’s decision to cover one of the most famous Mexican artists during their tour brings a more intimate way to feel connected with their audience as they navigate foreign countries that speak a different language than they do.


Coldplay is closing their tour in Mexico City with their final performances on April 6 and 7. Will there be a chance for another in-person collaboration with a Mexican icon, like in Guadalajara with Fher de Maná? We sure hope so!