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What Is a Ghost Poop?

Ghost poops have taken over TikTok thanks to viral videos with over 20 million views about the infamous bowel-related phenomenon.

What Is a Ghost Poop?

No, it’s not when a spooky specter goes number two in a haunted house.

A “ghost poop” is defined as stool that sinks to the bottom of the toilet, so when you go to look for it, it seemingly disappears into your toilet’s pipes.

A “ghost poop” can also refer to when no trace of fecal matter appears on the toilet paper when you wipe after going to the bathroom.

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According to Dr. Janine Bowring, if you recently had a ghost poop, “you may just be the healthiest person on the planet.”

She claims the phenomenon happens when a person has enough fiber, essential fatty acids and their “circadian rhythms are in tune with nature with the light and dark cycle of the day.”

According to @HealthyGutSteven on TikTok, this type of smooth stool does not happen on a regular basis.

“It’s a beautiful poop in how it looks and how it feels,” he says.

The Bristol Stool Chart, which was developed in 1997 as a clinical assessment tool, puts ghost poop at number four on their chart for healthy poops.

According to doctors, an ideal stool sits between numbers three and four on their chart.

Now, other TikTokers are now celebrating their own ghost poops — yes, really! Some have been sharing the phenomenon since 2020.

See below:

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