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What Happened to Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina Since Getting Married?

It’s been a little over a year since Fabiola Valentín, Miss Puerto Rico 2020 and Mariana Varela, Miss Argentina 2019 revealed to the world that not only had they been in a secret relationship for two years, but they were getting married. But what has the married couple been up to since then?

For one, they celebrated their one-year marriage anniversary on October 28th, with the couple sharing two joint posts on Instagram to mark the occasion. The first, a carousel with different pictures of the two of them on their anniversary dinner, with a caption that read: “How nice to live each stage together, full of love and commitment. We are very happy. Thank you for living it with us.”

The second, a reel with telenovela vibes set to Escándalo by María Luisa Landín that sees them in both black and white and in full color as they stare at each other and basically live out an entire love story in about a minute.

Earlier in the year, the two appeared together in a Fenty Beauty ad for Valentine’s Day, where they shared “intimate details about meeting, falling in love and sharing special moments.” Valentín and Varela both shared the ad with a caption that read “It’s beautiful when two bodies come together with love.” 

And they both made the list of the 50 mas bellos from People en Español. 

In addition, Valentín took part in a campaign for MAC.

So, all in all, it’s been a good year for Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto, one they’ve embraced together. 

The 72nd Miss Universe is set to be crowned this Saturday, November 18th.