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What About Me?: Walt Blacks Out On The Crew On Last Night’s Episode of Black Ink Crew

Black Ink Crew is never short on the drama thanks in large part to its ensemble of characters. With Dutchess gone, Sky is usually the one we can expect to bring the heat and mess on a weekly basis but this weeks episode Walt decided he wanted to turn up. Looks like the usually level-headed cast member reached his boiling point and took his anger and frustration on the rest of the crew.

Cry for help maybe? Frustration?  We don’t know but the usually calm and fun-loving member of the crew had him some moments this season but this latest blow up was something to see.

During the episode, Walt’s behavior was very unlike him and it all started when he lashed out at the “manager in training” Tati when she shared an issue with her parents not liking the direction her life is going in and wanting her to go back to school.

Walt couldn’t believe she brought her first-world issues to the forefront and told her to get the hell out of here with the nonsense before storming off and leaving everyone in the shop confused. Twitter was a combination of baffled, shocked and some understood his point.

Things all came to a head at the launch party for Ted’s Ewing Athletics sneaker ( Ewing Athletics sure does love reality stars) that he hopes will help him raise money to help get his brother out of jail. Walt had a few cups of his favorite libation Hennessy so that may have definitely played a part in this blow-up. He focused again on his favorite target Tati asking her how much sneakers did they sell that night but she couldn’t give him a straight answer.  Understandably so cause she was there to celebrate as well and not really work that hard. Tati had enough of Walt pressing her and totally flips out leaving everyone baffled.

With Tati out of the picture the focus immediately went to Walt and why he was acting out. It get’s a bit tense when Ceaser asks Walt to step outside to continue the heated discussion. It’s easy to tell that Walt feels he’s been neglected for a long time by those he considered his friends and feels he is not getting the same level care he dishes out. Black Ink viewers will probably recognize that when a cast member tends to act out they are usually screaming for some attention. Well as you can imagine Twitter put on their therapist hats and chimed in on the situation with some sympathetic and not so understanding of Walt lashing out.

Well, we’re gonna have to wait ’til next week to learn exactly why Walt took it there. Hit the flip for more reactions to his temper tantrum below which are for the most part very supportive.