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Westside Gunn Talks Merging His Love Of Designer Fashion And Rap In New Interview

As one of the hottest names in Rap music not only has a one of one delivery but also a unique way he puts on for the culture. He details his approach in a new Q&A.

In a new interview with Complex the Buffalo MC discusses the bright spotlight he is currently enjoying for his stellar LP While the album is also the ultimate co-sign a rapper can get from Virgil Abloh, who designed the artwork, he makes it clear that marrying designer and street debauchery is an art.

When discussing his signature album covers he starts with his infamous masked photograph from Hitler Wears Hermes 7. “That Balenciaga coat, that album cover, it was a statement. That picture is an art piece in itself and that’s why it’s still up in Times Square to this day,” he said. He also goes into his exact methodology when conceptualizing the creative for Supreme Blientele. “Let me just order myself a pair of Fendi stockings and put it all over my face, like I’m about to rob some sh*t. It’s just my art man. I like to keep my image going but I want to be different” he explained.

But to hear him tell it he isn’t new to playing the block while draped in luxury pieces without the help from a stylist. “I’ve been fly my whole life. A lot of people start getting fly once they get record deals and can start affording to buy it. But honestly, I’ve been wearing designer for the last 20 years ago. I had Versace glasses, Gucci, Iceberg, and all that in ’98” he claimed.

Back then he also accessorized his fly according to the times. “I was 17 years old, with platinum in my mouth. Nobody was even thinking about platinum, honestly” he added. Jay Z was the only person that was talking about it. This was during the Hard Knock Life days and all of that. This was like ’98, ’99, around that era. I got pictures with Versace glasses, platinum in my mouth, chains all over—back when you could wear the chain all the way down to your belly button.

You can read the feature in entirety here where he also discusses future plans to open up a store and his dream fashion job.

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