The limited edition capsule takes items from old collections and revamps them – just in time for your hot Y2K summer needs

ICYMI, the ocean is literally on fire right now. So, implementing sustainable measures into our lives in every way we possibly can is more important than ever. Continuing its efforts to make fashion in a far more sustainable way, Weekday has dropped a new collection that follows in the footsteps of its eco-minded Plant Based Limited Edition capsule, which landed earlier this year. 

On a mission to create a circular collection, ReCNSTRCT Limited Edition is the design team’s answer. Using items from the Weekday’s past collections, the team was given complete creative freedom to do what they wanted with the garments, with their only mission to illustrate how new life can be brought to previously loved materials. “I’m excited and inspired to have such a fun challenge that can make a change in the way we work with circular fashion,” says one of the collection’s designers, Vivianne Kontros, on working on the project. 

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Made up of 14 pieces, the collection has arrived just in time for summer, and perfectly encapsulates our ongoing – and seemingly insatiable – obsession with everything Y2K. There’s ruched skirts and tees, oversized denim, and sexy sweaters with peekaboo cutouts – all in a minimal white palette with accents of dusky pale pink and pops of blue peppered throughout. 

As the collection is just a limited run, so you’ll have to move fast to get your hands on it, but unsurprisingly we can expect far more circular initiatives as Weekday aim to continue to work in a responsible mindset. If you’re not lucky enough to snatch up this one, the designers hope to inspire you to bring new life to your old wardrobe faves. “I like to inspire others to remake their old denim, with a little practice and experimenting, you can create something really cool,” muses denim designer Per Axén. The possibilities are truly endless. 

ReCNSTRCT Limited Edition is available exclusively online now.