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WATCH: Woman Throws Beer at Karol G’s Face During Free Event

Karol G goes above and beyond for her fans – from constantly expressing her gratitude to them to making special appearances, La Bichota remains thoughtful towards her supporters. However, at her latest fan gathering in Provenza, a neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia, it seems like not everyone there was a real fan. A video circulating social media shows a woman throwing a beer — not once but twice – at Karol G’s face as she passed through the crowd on April 29.

During the commotion, a blonde-haired woman intentionally attempts to throw beer at Karol G’s face while the Colombian artist is waving in her direction. The woman misses the first time but wets part of Karol’s face in her second attempt. Karol’s security continues to escort the “Tusa” vocalist through the crowd, noticeably upset towards the woman’s direction.

In another video that shows a different angle of the situation, Karol G appears unfazed and remains professional as she continues to smile and greet her fans. A Twitter user said: “Seriously, Karol G is not from this planet, they threw that drink in her face and she just shook it off and kept waving and smiling to the people who came to see her.” 

Another Twitter user wrote: “Good morning to everyone except whoever threw beer at Karol G, that still has me offended.”

Other Twitter users went as far as thinking about what could have been if it was something more serious than beer: “@karolg you have to improve your security. Imagine that instead of beer, it would have been acid. Envy is very bad.”

The free public party was a way to celebrate Karol G’s single and video release for “Provenza.” Where according to Nuestro Diario, she arrived in the video’s car that was “inspired by the Colombian city.”

According to Semana, Karol G even sang her popular anthem, “Tusa,” at the surprise event. It’s too bad that the Colombian singer’s kind gesture ended bitterly. Hopefully, she remains positive and continues to celebrate her milestones with her loyal fans!