Travel Light sees Dazed & Canada Goose invite city-dwelling creatives to venture outdoors on a trail of discovery.

In Partnership with Canada Goose

Painters, poets, and fashion designers have long looked to nature as a source of inspiration. Outdoors, the mind breathes fresh air, gaining new perspectives, making it the perfect stage for opening your creative eye.

To see nature’s unlocking of inspiration in action, Dazed has partnered with luxury outdoor outfitter Canada Goose for the Travel Light series, where we have invited creatives Michelle Li, Y.K.A Alex and Y.L.A Alan to get outdoors and try something new – from foraging for natural incense ingredients to soundbaths under the sun. 

To ready our creatives, Canada Goose has outfitted them in head-to-toe performance wear, looks that we will be breaking down on Dazed this month.

Find out what our creatives discovered, and what they wore to do it, below. Watch this space for more Travel Light transmissions. 


Incense making in Staten island, New york

Michelle Li is a stylist, writer, and art director based in New York City. 

Her life and work sees her spend most of her time in Manhattan, an environment which can be taxing on a mind in need of constant inspiration. 

To help provide that mental recharge, we invited Michelle to take a walk in the wilderness of Willowbrook Park, Staten Island, turning her creative hand to crafting incense from natural ingredients that she foraged in the woodland as part of the escape.

Travelling light and dressed in Canada Goose’s breathable Cypress vest, a comfy Muskoka crewneck, and accessories fit for a day of discovery, Michelle’s outdoor incense workshop took her on a trail to mind and body reset. Michelle’s discovery experience builds on Canada Goose’s ‘Live in the Open’ ethos – a promise to better help people thrive in the world outside, wherever that may be.

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1. How does being in the outdoors feed back into your everyday life and creative perspective? 

Being outdoors has really helped me with my creative perspective because it allows me to scale things back and think about the big picture, without getting stuck on the minutiae of life. It reminds you that there’s so much more out there outside the city.

2. Does your mind work differently in nature vs the city?

Being in nature, you get a different kind of sensory overload than the one you get in the city. There’s so much more to smell and to see. It’s mind blowing to know it all comes from the earth. It has been a big source of inspiration for me. It’s helped me become more independent and find myself.

3. Is there a particular way you prefer to experience the outdoors?

I really love solo hiking. It provides a lot of solitude. It lets you engage and be present. You don’t even need a destination, just wander and explore. That’s the fun of it.



Y.K.A Alex and Y.L.A Alan’s Travel Light discovery coming soon.