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WATCH: Salina EsTitties Says She Didn’t Feel Celebrated After ‘Drag Race’ Exit

Salina EsTitties made it to the top six on the recent season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but that didn’t come easy. The drag queen recently spilled the tea on how she felt about her time on the famed competition show and how she felt when judged by the panel. Particularly, she didn’t feel celebrated for the Latinidad they shared on the runway.

In recently released videos from a performance in Los Angeles, Salina EsTitties, fresh off of RuPaul’s Drag Race, addressed the crowd about what we didn’t see on the show.

“You know, it was so hard being there. I just did not feel celebrated. I did not feel seen,” she told the crowd. “I had to make myself valuable to them, so I did that by making all my sisters feel safe around me to share their stories.”

She was referring to, of course, the Untucked moments when the other queens sought out her advice and comfort after tough challenges or unexpected feedback. Yet, despite the emotional lifting she was doing on the show, EsTitties felt she needed to be fully appreciated for her artistry and her presentation of culture.

“I want to say because I did not feel celebrated there celebrating West Coast culture, representing my Latina-ness, to come here every week and watch the show and get messages from all you guys saying you see me, you see what I was trying to do on the runway, it means so much to me,” she told the crowd at her show.

We are so proud of you, Salina. You showed your culture in such beautiful and courageous ways. Thank you for the representation on that catwalk, henny.