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WATCH: Rosalía Gets a Chonga Makeover by La Goony Chonga

From Barcelona to Hialeah, Rosalía got a serious makeover when she linked up with Miami MC La Goony Chonga

In the clip uploaded to social media, Rosalía, donning a comfortable red robe and casually taking bites of a slice of pizza, giggles as La Goony Chonga shares that she will be putting the Spanish singer through her “Chongafied” transformation process. “I read the comments and a lot of you were asking that you wanted me to give Rosalía herself un Chonga makeover,” she says on the video.

Without an ounce of hesitation or resistance, Rosalía agreed to the makeover with a simple “Vamos.” From there, Goony Chonga installed a lengthy ponytail weave, to Rosalía’s delight. Of course, no detail was sparred when it came to the acrylics, heavy eye make-up, and lip liner. The transformation was complete with a teal spaghetti strap tank top,  colorful hip-hugger pants, thick, tinted sunglasses, large hoop earrings, and lots of bracelets.

This unlikely pairing got social media talking. “The video of La Goony Chonga with Rosalía,” wrote one Twitter user. “Omg we love our icons meeting.”

“I never thought I would see La Goony Chonga and Rosalía together, oh my god” wrote another user.

This “Chongafied” makeover comes just in time as both Rosalía and La Goony Chonga are set to perform at the III Points Festival in Miami, FL, this weekend (Oct. 21 – 22). Following the Miami festival, Rosalía is bringing her Motomami World Tour to Europe for the rest of the year.