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WATCH: Residente Hints at a Possible Calle 13 Reunion in ‘Ron en el Piso’

After postponing his music releases last year, Residente is back in action. On Jan. 11, the Puerto Rican figurehead dropped his latest single “Ron en el Piso.” The music video featured cameos of his loved ones – including all the members of Calle 13.

“This is for what we are, for what we were. For all that we have, for all that we had. For all the tears, for all the laughter. For all the triumphs and for all the screw-ups,” the iconic artist wrote online.

The new music video, directed by Residente, is a recount of his musical trajectory. The video starts with someone emptying an old record store. The next frame shows a cut-out of Residente thrown in the garbage. The camera follows the poster as it makes its way throughout the city. Next, we see an AI-generated version of a younger René Pérez Joglar, wearing the same Calle 13 reminiscent look as his cut-out, rapping about what could be the most interesting part of the almost seven-minute track. 

In the verse, he raps: “Mientras amanece / Queriendo hacer las paces con mi hermano, a ver si vuelve Calle 13 [As the sun rises / Wanting to make peace with my brother, to see if Calle 13 returns],” hinting at a possible future reunion of the iconic ensemble.

Overall, the rapper recounts his musical ups and downs, sharing memories of his travels all over the world. Towards the end of the video, we see him cheering with his loved ones, unaware of why they’re all together. As he walks through the crowd, he realizes they’re together at what appears to be a memorial service of his younger self. The last shot captures everyone closing his casket.

Fans are thrilled about Residente’s new song. Some online users are speculating about the meaning behind the video. An X user wrote: “Did Residente die or is Calle 13 coming back 🤔?”

Other social media users are getting nostalgic for the tune. An online user wrote: “What this piece and Calle 13 in general means to me is incredible, seeing the timeline of the residente and C13 is like seeing myself again when I was a kid.” Another online user echoed the same sentiment: “My God, the last song by Resident made me cry. For those of us who have been listening to Calle 13 since we were kids, it’s a blow to the heart. Beautiful video.”

Currently, Residente is working on his second solo album, following his self-titled album released in 2017. 

Watch the new video for “Ron en el Piso” below.