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WATCH: Pastor Claims Karol G’s ‘Mi Cama’ Has Satanic Messages

We’ve seen some far-fetched stories in our lifetime, from the so-called demonic worship case of Las Ketchup’s “Asereje” in 2002 to the timeless, ongoing fear of Satanic backward lyrics. The latest? None other than La Bichota herself. In a recently surfaced video, a pastor claims that a particular Karol G lyric ties her to satanic worshiping.


Pastor Evangélico analiza en pleno culto dominical canción de #karolg ¿Que Opinas?? #viral #tiktok #foryou #foryoupage #parati

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According to a TikTok that caught the media’s attention, a Christian pastor broke down his interpretation of the lyrics of the popular song “Mi Cama.” The lyrics in question are: “Dices que de mí ya te olvidaste / Y de tu mente borraste / Cuando yo te hacía pom pom pom pom [You say that you’ve already forgotten about me / And you erased from your mind / When I used to make you pom pom pom pom].” According to him, the meaning goes beyond a playful sexual reference. In a serious tone,  tells his audience: “Que el Señor reprenda el ‘pom pom pom.’” 

And it didn’t stop there. He then plays the lyrics backward, which based on his reaffirming tone, is the entire base of his allegation. He insists that it sounds like she’s singing: “Ooooohh si, Satán lleva su cuerpo conmigo [Ooooohh yes, Satan takes his body with me].” He then sums it up by clarifying to his audience: “O sea, el Diablo lo tengo adentro… En esa parte de la canción está diciendo que Satán lleva mi cuerpo contigo [In that part of the song she’s saying that Satan carries my body with you].” 

Now, take this all in and imagine your elders coming home from their church services asking you who Karol G is and that she’s Satanic. Not our Bichota, y’all! Let her tour in peace.