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Watch Manuel Medrano Call His New Album ‘Perfecto’ a ‘Pop Tribute’

After exploring the realms of funk, disco, and rock in his first two albums, Colombian singer-songwriter Manuel Medrano has announced that his third studio album, Perfecto, will predominantly feature pop music. Set to be released on June 1 under Warner Music México, the album features 14 tracks, including the previously released singles “Verano en NY” and “Este Cuento”.

Medrano, who debuted in 2015 with a self-titled album that won him the 2016 Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Best Singer-Songwriter Album, has taken significant gaps between his projects. His second album, Eterno, was released in 2021.

“I think it’s normal for an artist to take four or five, sometimes seven years to release an album,” he said. “The modern music industry involves many people working for an artist, including numerous songwriters and producers, creating a large infrastructure that allows for frequent releases. I come from a different background.”

Medrano clarified that he wasn’t criticizing other artists’ methods, which he finds impressive and increasingly connects with. However, his own release strategy is more traditional, focusing on intimate moments with his guitar, where he expresses himself fully and honestly.

In a cream suit over a black silky shirt, Medrano also discussed his tattoos, revealing his next planned design, and even performed a snippet of a new unreleased song from the album, “Mojado.”