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WATCH: Maluma & Adam Levine Join The RUDEBOYZ on “Ojalá”

On Oct. 20, The RUDEBOYZ released their debut single and music video, “Ojalá,” featuring long-time collaborator Maluma and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. This also marks Levine’s first-ever Spanish-language track.

“There’s not a better way to make our debut as artists than with someone we love and consider a friend in the industry, who is Maluma,” the producer duo told Remezcla in a written statement. “And it’s also a dream come true for us, which was to work with Adam Levine.”

The NEON16-produced music video starts just as The RUDEBOYZ, formed by Kevin Jimenez and Bryan Lezcano, finishes listening to the song’s beat. They discuss how it would be a dream to have Maluma and Levine on a track together. Well, dreams come true – the next frame shows the two vocalists with the producer duo around a luxurious car, preparing to lay down their verses.

The video then follows Papi Juancho and Levine as they sing about wanting to be the man that a woman desires. The reggaeton pop melody is infused with a hint of melancholy that fittingly pairs with the chorus, which the two vocalists sing in Spanish: “Ojalá que cuando el te lo haga pienses en mi / Ojalá sea mi nombre que quieras repetir / Y ojalá lo mismo me pase a mi / Ojalá no me pueda olvidarme de ti (I hope that when he does it to you you think of me / I hope it’s my name you want to repeat / and I hope the same happens to me / I hope I can’t forget you).”

We see shots of the two vocalists in distress as they sing their heartfelt verses. Other frames show off both of the vocalists’ tattoos and women dancing seductively in what appears to be an empty forest.

If the producer tag sounds familiar to you, it’s because The RUDEBOYZ has worked on many of Maluma’s hits. They’ve produced “Hawái,” “Felices los 4,” “Borro Cassette,” and “Chantaje.” Now, they’re finally out of the behind-the-scenes and embracing the spotlight – and we’re excited to see what’s next!

Watch the music video for “Ojalá” below.