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WATCH: Lali Teams Up With An Argentine LGBTQ+ Icon in Fierce ‘Quiénes Son?’ Music Video

Lali is joining forces with an LGBTQ+ icon in Argentina for her new single. Moria Casán takes a joyride with the Argentine pop star in the fierce music video for “Quiénes Son?,” released today (July 27). 

When Remezcla caught up with Lali in 2020, she voiced her support for the LGBTQ+ community. “They’re a big part of my audience,” she said. “They’re the best. They’re my family. We’re super united through the music.” Throughout her career, the openly bisexual artist has released songs that have become anthems for her queer fans, like “Soy,” “Boomerang,” “Reina,” and “Caliente,” featuring Brazilian drag superstar Pabllo Vittar.

Lali adds another LGBTQ+ anthem to her catalog with her latest single, “Quiénes Son?” The chorus samples a phrase from former Argentine vedette Moria Casán, who is beloved by their country’s queer community for being an outspoken and bold advocate. Lali transforms Casán’s signature remark of “quiénes son?” into a Latine trap banger about being unapologetically yourself. 

Not only is Casán’s voice sampled in the song, she also appears in the “Quiénes Son?” music video with Lali. They both look absolutely fabulous as they’re cruising in a sports car with the top down. Lali also enjoys a golden blunt with Casán. She is later joined by a team of dancers to perform some attitude-packed choreography. Lali directed the video for the empowering song herself. 

“Quiénes Son?” is from Lali’s self-titled album, released in April. Britney Spears’ voice from the Stop Remix of “(You Drive Me) Crazy” was sampled in the song “Obsesión.” The LP also includes her recent hits like “Disciplina,” “Diva,” and “Motiveishon.” Earlier this year, Lali starred in the final season of the hit Netflix series Sky Rojo. She was joined by Rauw Alejandro, who appeared as a guest star

Check out the music video for “Quiénes Son?” below.