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WATCH: La Cruz Throws a Gay Perreo Party in ‘Easy Boy’ Music Video

After breaking through this year with “Quítate La Ropa,” La Cruz has finally released his follow-up single. The Venezuelan singer turns up the gay perreo in his new video for “Easy Boy,” which dropped last night (Nov. 9).

La Cruz, born Alfonso La Cruz, went viral during LGBTQ+ Pride month this past June. The “Quítate La Ropa” music video showed shirtless men perreando to his steamy reggaeton. Due to reggaeton music’s historically machista roots that have occasionally been homophobic as well, La Cruz has become a leading sex positive, gay voice in the genre. 

“I feel like the [queer] community is super receptive because they were missing that reference,” La Cruz told Remezcla in September. “We have Villano Antillano, Young Miko, and Ptazeta, but a boy who sings openly [about being gay] and does it naturally was something that we were always missing. I sing about what I’m living.”

Now, La Cruz has released his follow-up single, “Easy Boy.” He turns up the heat in the sexy reggaeton romp. Blending reggaeton with elements of electronica, La Cruz sings about becoming an “easy boy” for a man he has the hots for in the club. There are even more gay men, including Spanish dancer Pol Soto, perreando por un sueño in the freaky music video. This time around, women join in La Cruz’s perreo party.

Since the release of the “Easy Boy” music video last night, La Cruz’s fans are raving about having more gay representation. “The tremendous song that alfonso la cruz just released and he never stops serving regaytón,” one person wrote on X. “Easy Boy by La Cruz is my new musical obsession,” added another person. 

In September, La Cruz’s viral popularity allowed him to do a small tour of the U.S. He told Remezcla that he is currently working on his next album, which could drop sometime next year. 

Watch the music video for “Easy Boy” below.