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WATCH: Karol G Sings “Tusa” & “Ya Supérame” With Grupo Firme

Karol G’s $trip Love Tour is showing how artistic and resilient the Colombian songstress is. From flying Ferraris to opening up about almost quitting music, the arena tour is as iconic as she is. The latest surprise? La Bichota brought out Grupo Firme to sing a couple of songs with her during her concert stop at the Payne Arena in Hidalgo, TX, on Oct. 1. It was nothing less than incredible, to say the least. 

“La Bichota, la mera mera brought you a gift,” Karol told the crowd as she presented the Mexican group on stage. “There are some friends who sing their own version live, así que quiero que se caiga la casa por el Grupo Firme.”


Ayer mis invitados especiales fueron EL GRUPO FIRME y la verdad LA CASA SE CAYÓ!!!!!!!! Fui muy feliz !

♬ sonido original – Karol G

Eduin Caz and Karol sang “Tusa” a la Grupo Firme, with their unmatched Regional Mexican twist. Their version includes a mesh of “Tusa” and “Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti,” which they rocked on stage. But that wasn’t all. Afterward, Karol told Grupo Firme that they hadn’t sung the song she wanted. Grupo Firme then sang their massive hit “Ya Supérame” with Karol G – a duet we never saw coming. 

The two artists expressed major charisma on stage. They made pinky promises to each other and drank a shot to celebrate the night. Before Karol took the shot, she told her audience that it had been a long time since she had tried to do something with Grupo Firme. She also thanked them for the opportunity.

Fans were excited about the unexpected live collaboration. A Twitter user wrote: “The fact that Karol G brought out Grupo Firme at her concert makes me love her more.” Another Twitter user said: “Grupo Firme singing with Karol G at her show tonight was not something I expected.” 

Karol G is not new when it comes to experimenting with Regional Mexican music. Her latest album even has a corrido-inspired track, “200 Copas.” Can we expect more Regional Mexican-inspired music from La Bichota? We would love to see it.