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WATCH: Karol G Finally Unveils New Hair Color

After saying goodbye to her iconic blue hair, Karol G has unveiled her new color. Yesterday (Aug. 1), the Colombian superstar posted a video on her Instagram, revealing that she has gone red for her latest look.

Over the weekend, Karol G wrote a letter saying goodbye to her signature blue hair. Her blue hair first debuted in the “Location” music video with Anuel AA and J Balvin. It would go on to define the promotions for her KG0516 album. Her blue hair’s last appearance would be in the free-spirited “Provenza” music video.

“Hello!!! I don’t know where to start,” Karol G wrote in the letter. “But what I am going to say comes from the bottom of my heart. I want to tell you that I have decided that now is the time to change my blue hair, which you all love so much.”

She continued, “I want to thank everyone who loved this era. I’m definitely ready for everything that’s happening next. Next level unlocked. And no, I don’t have blue hair anymore, but I know that we’re all going to love what’s coming next. Los amo puessssssss.”

Last night, Karol G unveiled her new hair color in an Instagram post. She now has red hair like Dulce María’s Roberta in Rebelde and Rihanna during her Loud album era. However, on Twitter, Karol G compared her new look to Ariel in The Little Mermaid. “I finally look a little like the Little Mermaid,” she wrote.

In the Instagram post showing off her new hair color, Karol G revealed that she dyed her hair a few days ago. During her performance with Tiësto at Tomorrowland last weekend, she hid her hair in a wrap. Karol G did a little countdown before showing off her new red tresses. “Two weeks in love with seeing myself like this in the mirror and without being able to show them,” she wrote.

Some fans speculate that her new look means that new music is on the way. And with her upcoming tour right around the corner, we think they’re onto something. We’re excited to see how this new era in Karol G’s career will look like.