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WATCH: Junior H & Peso Pluma Tap Into Bachata With Latest Collab ‘A Tu Manera’

Peso Pluma and Junior H are expanding their sound palette. On Feb. 16, the two Mexican artists released the music video for their latest collaboration, “A Tu Manera.” The result is a refreshing bachata-tinged song that goes beyond their signature corridos tumbados.

Produced by Jimmy Humilde, the new track features a bachata-inspired rhythm with bolero-esque guitar chords that capture an unrequited love story. Throughout the song, the two Mexican singers croon about wanting to be with someone so bad that they’ll do it on their terms – even if it hurts them. With emotional lyrics like, “Dices que no es de contrato, que fue solo pa’ un rato / Pero te quiero aquí, cerquita de mí / ¿Cómo decir que te extraño sin decir que te extraño? [You say it’s not a contract, that it was just for a while / But I want you here, close to me / How can I say I miss you without saying I miss you?” the $AD BOYZ 4 LIFE II singer pleads his lover to think twice about her set boundaries between their relationship.

The new music video, directed by Jessy Terrero, follows Junior H and Peso Pluma as they trade touching verses of being in love with someone who doesn’t want more than a fling. It shows Junior H as he drives and later as he sits at a lonely bar with a drink for one. Another frame shows a video of a woman dancing on a building. Other shots show a theatrical-like dance by women decked in all-black outfits. 

Peso Pluma, currently MIA after his recent alleged breakup with Nicki Nicole, is also featured in the music video. He sings words like, “Dimе cómo el mal de amor se cura / Cupido me tiene en duda / Me duele no poderte ver [Tell me how the evil of love is cured / Cupid has me in doubt / It hurts me not to be able to see you],” while on a rooftop with Los Angeles’ night skyline as a backdrop. 

Check out the music video for “A Tu Manera” below.