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WATCH: Jenni Rivera’s Son Reacts to Peso Pluma’s Coachella Homage to His Mom

While watching Peso Pluma’s performance at Coachella last night (April 12), Jenni Rivera’s son was surprised by a special moment. Johnny Lopez posted his emotional reaction to Peso Pluma’s tribute to his mom. 

Peso Pluma is one of the top-billed artists on the Coachella line-up this year. On Friday night, he proudly represented Mexican culture during his performance. While singing “Lady Gaga” live, Peso paid tribute to the música mexicana icons that came before him. The names and images of singers like Chalino Sánchez, Joan Sebastián, Ramón Ayala, Valentín Elizalde, and Ariel Camacho flashed across the screen. He also gave props to his colleagues Natanael Cano, Junior H, and Eslabón Armado

One woman honored during the música mexicana tribute was the late Diva de la Banda. Her son, Johnny Lopez, was in the massive crowd assembled to see Peso Pluma’s performance. He got emotional when he saw her name flash across the screen.

“That’s my mother!” he screamed while jumping up and down. “Oh shit! That’s my that’s my motherfucking mother!”

Lopez later posted a picture of himself wearing a Jenni Rivera sweater in his Instagram stories. “@JenniRivera you’re a legend forever, momma duke,” he wrote in the post. He also had some kind words for Peso Pluma’s tribute. Lopez added, “Thank you @pesopluma made my mf week.”

Peso Pluma’s set included many special guests. He first appeared at Coachella last year as one of Becky G’s surprise guests. They reunited last night to perform “Chanel” together. Junior H joined him to sing their song “El Azul,” and Peso Pluma also sang his latest single, “Peso Completo,” live for the first time with Arcángel. That song will be included in his upcoming album Éxodo. Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan appeared as well to perform “No Son Klle” with Peso Pluma.