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WATCH: Jenna Ortega’s Abuelitas Turn Into Action Stars in Super Bowl LVIII Commercial

Super Bowl LVIII is still a few days away, but the Super Bowl commercials are already here. Doritos Dinamita’s Super Bowl commercial was just released, and in it, Jenna Ortega is joined by two unlikely heroes – Dina and Mita, played by actresses Patricia Mauceri and Olivia Negron, the action star abuelitas you want on your side.

The commercial, which also features Danny Ramirez and is directed by the Brazilian directorial duo Alaska, sees Jenna and her abuelitas shopping together. Right when Dina and Mita spot a bag of Doritos Dinamita, Ramirez’s character snatches the bag up. What follows is Dina and Mita turning into literal action stars to get their favorite snack back. Meanwhile, Ortega walks around the aisles, calling out for her abuelitas. In the end, Dina and Mita get their hands on the Doritos to only have Ortega snatch them up and start eating them.

“I know everyone is going to love Dina and Mita just as much as I do. Their fire and spice were delivered so authentically in the commercial, thanks to the talented, diverse cast and crew,” said Ortega. “It means so much to me to not only star alongside Dina and Mita, but to collaborate with the whole team to bring the story of Dinamita’s explosive flavors to life and to connect with Latin and Hispanic cultures.” 

Meanwhile, Ramirez, better known to audiences for his role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, who plays the antagonist in the commercial, had this to say: “I wasn’t expecting Dina and Mita to be so committed to getting their hands on Doritos Dinamita. The flavor they brought to the chase was amazing.” He admitted, while also adding. “While it was a blast to play the antagonist in this story, I will be holding on to my Doritos Dinamita a little tighter from now on.”

New Doritos Dinamita Flamin’ Hot Queso, Hot Honey Mustard, Smoky Chile Queso, and Tangy Fiery Lime are now available alongside fan-favorite Chile Limón at major retailers nationwide.

You can check out the full Doritos Dinamita commercial below.

Super Bowl LVIII will be played on Sunday, February 11th, at 6:30 ET.