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WATCH: Jenna Ortega Goes Viral for Questionable Way of Eating Kiwi

Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) may have looked calm, cool and collected when she posted an Instagram Story eating a kiwi, but she kind of freaked out a lot of people on social media with her unique method of consumption.

What was the big deal, you ask? In the video, Ortega is seen taking bites of the fuzzy, brown skin of the fruit. Most people only eat the green meat inside the casing of the kiwi. But not Ortega. She bites the kiwi like it’s an apple. At one point, she even shows off the nibbled fruit to the camera.

Not only does she devour the kiwi’s sandpapery skin, she also makes no facial expressions as she chews and swallows it. Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised since she’s already proved that she has a cast-iron stomach when she made an appearance on Hot Ones.

And the internet was shocked, to say the least.

“That’s crazy to eat the skin on the kiwi,” one social media user wrote. “I thought you’re supposed to cut that part off.” Another said, “That video of Jenna Ortega eating that kiwi like that actually upsets me. We get it sis; ur not like the rest of us.”

Some fans posted proof that they can’t handle eating the kiwi skin like Ortega.

Others questioned why she was eating it like an apple.

But there were some who agreed on her method as being the best for a kiwi.

While eating kiwi skin might seem gross to some, it is technically edible and, according to Healthline, is rich in fiber, folate and vitamin E. Healthline also explains that eating the skin can increase your fiber intake by 50 percent, folate by 32 percent and vitamin E by 34 percent. 

To each their own, but please don’t tell us Jenna Ortega also eats banana peels, watermelon rinds, and avocado pits.