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WATCH: Grupo Frontera & Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz Lose ‘EL AMOR DE SU VIDA’

Grupo Frontera’s having a huge week. Following the release of their debut album El Comienzo, the skyrocketing norteño group unveiled their newest music video, “EL AMOR DE SU VIDA” featuring Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz, on Aug. 3.

The song came by the group’s main producer Edgar Barrera. Even though many songs have echoed the universal experience of losing a loved one to another, the group says this one hit differently based on the lyrics. “The way that the lyrics says, ‘The love of my life is now with her love of her life.’ When I first heard it, when Edgar [Barrera] showed it to us the first time, we’re like, wow. I never heard that in a song; actually saying it like that,” the band told Hanuman Welch on Apple Music 1. “That’s why it’s called The Love of Her Life. Because in the song it said, ‘Today I saw the love of my life kissing the love of her life.’” 

The new music video features the two popular música mexicana groups performing the heartwrenching cumbia norteña track about seeing the love of their life happily with the love of their life. The two singers croon about having to drink and cry to get over the romantic hardship. It’s a tale as old as time: though they recognize that they lost their love to another, they still love the ex-partner and can’t help feeling jealous of who’s now making them happy.

Social media users are feeling the new track’s emotions. An online user wrote: “Grupo Frontera & Grupo Firme just gave us the heartbreak song of the year..???.” Another fan echoed the same sentiment: “If you listen to the new song El Amor De Su Vida x Grupo Frontera & Grupo Firme, make sure you grab a beer ?❤️‍?.”

“For us to be able to have our music be heard all around the world, having it be what we grew up listening to, it’s something that we really never imagined,” Grupo Frontera said about their overall new album release. “But it’s really amazing knowing that that’s what’s at one of the top levels of music right now.”

Watch the official music video for “EL AMOR DE SU VIDA” below.