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WATCH: Fuerza Regida’s Jesús Ortiz Paz Signs Singer at Tijuana Border Crossing

Fuerza Regida’s lead singer is proving that new talent can be found anywhere. Yesterday (Mar. 15), a video went viral of Jesús Ortiz Paz signing an artist on the street to his record label.

Under Fuerza Regida’s relationship with Rancho Humilde, Ortiz Paz has his own record label named StreetMob. While waiting in line to cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego, CA, Ortiz Paz, also known as JOP, posted a video on Instagram where an aspiring singer approaches his car. The singer, Chuy Montana, then belts out one of his corrido songs through JOP’s car window. He was very impressed with Montana’s impromptu performance.

“Are we going to sign him or what?” Paz tells the person next to him in the car. “Are you ready to join the record label or what?”

JOP then pulls out a piece of paper to get the deal going, and Montana signs the sheet of paper and effectively joins StreetMob. Ortiz Paz celebrated the news of signing Montana in that same Instagram post. “I FOUND THIS MORRO, @chuymontana_  ON THE LINE AND HE’S ALREADY PART OF MY COMPANY @streetmobrecords,” Paaz wrote. “WELCOME TO THE MAFIA !”

While waiting in line to leave Mexico, Ortiz Paz felt inspired by Montana’s performance, serenading other people waiting in their cars just like him. He rounded up the rest of Fuerza Regida to offer impromptu performances. One person posted their video of Fuerza Regida’s serenade to their car on TikTok. In the video, Ortiz Paz offers to sing the song for free. He then belts out his hit song “No Le Aflojo,” which originally featured Los Gemelos de Sinaloa. 

Fuerza Regida has one of the biggest hits of the year with the song “Bebe Dame” with Grupo Frontera. Next up, the Mexican-American band will perform a concert at BMO Stadium in L.A. on July 15. About what to expect from the concert, Ortiz Paz told Remezcla earlier this month, “We just come to party with our fans.”