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WATCH: Fat Joe Says Daddy Yankee Pretended Not to Know Him

Daddy Yankee is a beloved reggaeton legend. We all love and know him, but he has allegedly pretended not to know some people he came up with. In a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, Fat Joe said he used to see Daddy Yankee in the Bronx, NY when the musician was still up-and-coming. However, Fat Joe alleges that when he saw Daddy Yankee after “Gasolina” became a hit, the superstar pretended not to know him.

Fans are dying to know: is this story real? Did Daddy Yankee really not remember Fat Joe? Is it possible that he didn’t recognize him or misplaced him? Or, as Fat Joe seems to believe, is Daddy Yankee flexing on him by pretending not to know him when he absolutely does?

Fat Joe has no reason to lie. He isn’t known to do that. The man has a long history in hip-hop as an integral player, so it’s easy to see why he would be so surprised by this. He says that prior to “Gasolina” becoming a huge hit, he always liked Daddy Yankee and knew him before he blew up. He was happy that Daddy Yankee had mainstream hit singles and that his hits kept coming. He went to see him at Madison Square Garden, but he claimed that Daddy Yankee pretended like he had never seen him in his life. After all of that, Fat Joe clearly felt disrespected. 

Fat Joe then said that he knows him and understands that Daddy Yankee has a big career, but now when he sees him, he just doesn’t feel the same way about him. At the end of this video, he said, “We don’t condone that.” 


We are all waiting to see if Daddy Yankee has a response to his claim. Until then, he is enjoying his last big tour before he retires. Hopefully, no one else will come forward with beef in the meantime! As for Fat Joe? He’s doing just fine hosting the BET Awards tonight!