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WATCH: Emilia & Nathy Peluso Become Badass Sci-Fi Vixens in ‘JET_Set.mp3’ Music Video

A late addition to her stellar .mp3 era, Argentinian pop starlet Emilia enlists Nathy Peluso for their new collaboration, “JET_Set.mp3” (Jan. 11). The track is accompanied by a music video that harkens back to the heyday of 2000s sci-fi cinema to complement the overall themes of badassery. 

Nearly half a decade after she began her solo career in earnest, Emilia had a career-defining year in 2023. Her sophomore album, .mp3, was a massive success that topped charts worldwide, made numerous Best of the Year lists, and spawned hit singles. One of them, “GTA.mp3,” even made Remezcla’s list of 10 Best Pop Songs of 2023.

The duo’s rapid-fire lyrics back up the themes of empowerment and agency that give the song its confident energy (“Soy el paraíso hecho mujer”), all while the two songstresses dance and pose with style in its dynamic music video. 

The visuals continue the line of channeling 2000s pop culture that Emilia’s album revolves around, in both the wardrobe and choreography. The sartorial choices evoke action/sci-fi movies from that decade, from mainstream references like The Matrix to deeper cuts like cult classic Tokyo Gore Police. Moreover, their dance moves pull from the krumping and clowning street styles that became popular in the mid-aughts.

“This song is so special to me,” Emilia shares exclusively with Remezcla. “And having Nathy on the record is truly mind-blowing; she’s an inspiration. We shared a vision of crafting a song that resonates with all women. This track embodies our combined energies, and we want fans to feel like supernovas.”

The inclusion of the song will undoubtedly make an already hit album even bigger, and for fans of both artists, this is the kind of collaboration that hits the mark of all their wildest expectations.

Check out the music video for “JET_Set.mp3” below.