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WATCH: Elvis Crespo Does Merengue Cover of Bad Bunny’s ‘Neverita’

Not only did the merengue figurehead Elvis Crespo enjoy Bad Bunny’s “Suavemente” tribute on the “Neverita” music video, but he also recreated the track by adding a merengue twist to it over the weekend (Aug. 27).

“What would ‘Neverita’ sound like in merengue?” Crespo told his live audience before covering the Un Verano Sin Ti track.

The result of what seemed to be an improvised mashup? A danceable merengue that easily fit after hearing “Suavemente” and “Tu Sonrisa” by the popular Puerto Rican artist. Especially since he added his signature “Echate pa’ ca” adlib. As the icing on the cake, after singing “Neverita,” the icon also sang “Suavemente.” 

Fans online were excited to hear Crespo’s reimagined cover of “Neverita.” After all, it’s a way to show mutual appreciation for Benito and his homage. Some social media users are already asking for a remix studio version of it. A Twitter user wrote: “I didn’t know I needed this version of ‘Neverita.’”

“Simply iconic,” another Twitter user wrote about the cover.

“I liked it very much, I loved it. I liked seeing Bad Bunny in the mambo – in character – he is an artist of this era with these roots,” Crespo said last week on Facebook Live. “For him to use something inspired by my art, that makes me feel very happy and grateful. I humbly thank him and his team for having considered that part of history, like the ‘Suavemente’ music video is part of.”

Is it possible for Elvis Crespo to sing this new version of “Neverita” live? Based on Bad Bunny’s latest World’s Hottest Tour dates, he’s had prominent surprise guests such as Ivy Queen and, most recently, Romeo Santos join him to sing their classic hits live. So, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched for him to have Crespo join him on “Suavemente,” or “Neverita.” We’ll see as the tour unfolds!

Watch Elvis Crespo’s merengue version performance of “Neverita” below.