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WATCH: Electro-Pop Diva Fey Makes Fierce Comeback in ‘Veneno’ Music Video

The queen of electro-pop is back! Mexican pop icon Fey released the music video for her new single “Veneno” last night (Aug. 24).

Fey is one of Mexico’s most beloved pop artists. She popularized electro-pop and dance music in the Latine scene throughout the ’90s with her hits like “Azúcar Amargo,” “Muévelo,” and “Media Naranja.” She carried that sound into the new millennium and beyond with her top-selling albums like La Fuerza Del Destino and Dulce Tentación. Now, Fey is stepping back into the game with her latest song, “Veneno.”

“‘Veneno’ spent a lot of time in production,” Fey said in an interview with Javier Poza. “Turning it around until it sounded like how I imagined it. The song is very special to me for that reason because it was stored away for a long time until the right producer made it sound like how it should.”

Fey worked on “Veneno” with famed producer Demo Casanova, who has worked with global stars like Madonna, Nelly Furtado, and Rihanna. Casonva blended the electro-pop that Fey is known for with Latine house beats. In the sexy dance track, Fey sings about an intoxicating romance driving her wild. “Veneno” proves that in today’s EDM soundscape, Fey never goes out of style.

On social media, Fey’s fans are loving her new taste of music. On Twitter, one fan wrote in Spanish, “I can’t handle it. Thank you so much for Veneno that’s full of freshness, a catchy rhythm, and a great song.” Another person wrote, “It’s something totally new. I like it, new sounds and arrangements, another one that Fey always surprises us with.” 

Fey channels a goddess in the “Veneno” music video. She is set to kick off her Fey Electro Tour this October in Mexico and the U.S. 

Check out the music video for “Veneno” below.