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WATCH: Cockatoo Goes Viral for Dancing to Bad Bunny’s ‘Tití Me Preguntó’

Franklin Liranzo, a professional salsa dancer and photographer based in New York City, recently had one of his TikTok videos go viral. The video features Liranzo’s pet cockatoo Ukee dancing to Bad Bunny’s song “Tití Me Preguntó” from his 2022 album Un Verano Sin Ti.


@Bad Bunny mira a este Cacatu – le encanta tu cancion!!! ??? #cockatoo #birddancing #mambo #goffincockato

♬ Tití Me Preguntó – Bad Bunny

Currently, the video has 3.1 million views. It starts with Liranzo telling viewers, “Guys, watch this. I’m not making this up.” He then turns his phone camera to Ukee who is walking around on Liranzo’s bed minding his own business. “This is his favorite song.”

Once Ukee hears “Tití Me Preguntó” playing, he walks to the edge of the bed and starts bobbing his head up and down to the beat. Ukee also lets out a few short chirps as the music continues. Liranzo then walks over to the bed and starts dancing next to Ukee, who proceeds to hop up and down on his tiny bird legs.

Viewers commented that Bad Bunny “should give a VIP pass to his next concert for his No. 1 fan,” Ukee. Another suggested that Bad Bunny should “put him in one of [his] music videos.” Another TikTok user said, “He didn’t choose the Latino life. The Latino life [chose] him.”

If you peruse through some of Liranzo’s other videos, you’ll see that Ukee likes to dance to other music, too. In one video, he headbangs to Drowning Pool’s 2012 song “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.”


He is something else!!! ? . Meet Mambo! A dancing goffin cockatoo #cockatoo #fyp #bodies

♬ Bodies – Drowning Pool

Ukee is also recorded twerking to Beyoncé’s 2003 song “Crazy in Love.”

None of Ukee’s performances, however, get to the level of excitement he has when he hears “Tití Me Preguntó.” Maybe he has a lot of novias, too.