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WATCH: Carlos Vives & Camilo Team Up for a Fútbol Match on ‘Baloncito Viejo’

Colombian singer Camilo is no stranger to collaborations with other artists. Last year, he released his album Mis Manos, featuring big names in Latine music like Mau y Ricky, El Alfa, and Evaluna Montaner. This time, he teamed up with the Grammy-winning Colombian pop star Carlos Vives for their song “Baloncito Viejo.” 

It’s wild to think that these two singers could ever feel like a “baloncito viejo,” or an “old ball,” as they sing in this song. But for the sake of the music video, the paisanos bring their A-game to play a soccer match and win the heart of their lover while they’re at it. 

Both Camilo and Vives expressed their genuine excitement for this latest collaboration through their social media. On Instagram, Camilo wrote a heartfelt caption dedicated to Vives, saying, “I never get tired of telling you what it means to have done a song with you.” 

Vives also shared the same excitement with his fans on Twitter by posting a video that captures genuine fan reactions to a sneak peek of the music video, with one viewer commenting that he “never thought he’d see these two together.”

It seems that both Camilo and Vives fans got a real kick out of seeing these two Colombian powerhouses in a video together. Camilo fans replied to a post on his Twitter saying they didn’t even know how much they needed “Baloncito Viejo” in their lives. 

Despite being from different generations, this collaboration feels like a serendipitous venture, considering the immense success they’re both having in their careers. Last year, Vives recorded the title song for Disney’s hit animated feature, Encanto, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

Similarly, Camilo has had an amazing journey thus far, releasing hit after hit while managing to break through not only as a Colombian singer-songwriter but as an international artist. Last month, news broke that he’ll be teaming up with Grupo Firme for a potentially genre-bending collaboration with the Regional Mexican band, and you already know we’ll be all over that.  

Watch “Baloncito Viejo” below.