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WATCH: Cardi B Throws Daughter Kulture Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party — & She Even Cosplayed

Cardi B and Offset and their kids recently traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom to celebrate a special birthday. On Sunday (July 16), the star and her husband acted as a united front amidst cheating rumors as they threw a Super Mario Bros.-themed birthday party for their daughter, Kulture, who turned five years old on July 10.

Kulture walked into the party wearing a light pink ball gown with a puffy tulle skirt. As soon as she stepped into her birthday wonderland, she was met by Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi. Kulture waved to Princess Peach and gave her a hug.

Cardi B, who was recording everything, can be heard saying, “Kulture, look at your birthday!” and “Pretty girl. Mommy’s girl. Throw mommy a kiss.”

Cardi B also joined in on the costume fun. She dressed up like the Super Mario Bros. character Rosalina, who was first introduced to the Nintendo world in the 2007 video game Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii system. In the game, she serves as the “guardian of the cosmos” and was hinted at in the recent animated movie with that cute blue creature that was bringing everyone down. 

Although Offset and Kulture’s little brother, Wave Set, didn’t cosplay with the rest of the family, they celebrated all the same and took time to snap a few family photos to capture the memories.

Cardi B and Offset went all out for the birthday party, which included a ball pit, a bounce castle, lots of Caribbean food for guests to enjoy, and a huge cake. At the top of the cake stood an Afro-Latina version of Princess Peach. In addition, if you have time, go to Cardi B’s Instagram to watch Mario and Luigi absolutely throw it down on the dance floor alongside the birthday party guests.

Last year for her 4th birthday, Cardi B and Offset apparently gifted their daughter $50,000. We can’t wait to see what birthday No. 6 looks like next year.