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WATCH: Cardi B Teams Up with Keith Lee in Unexpected TikTok Crossover

Cardi B surprised her fans with an unexpected collaboration. After trying a balut egg on camera Keith Lee-style, the Dominican-American rapper posted a food critic video with the food critic and mixed martial artist himself today (March 18).

Social media users were thrilled to see Cardi’s impression of Lee in her balut egg video. During the video, she mirrors Lee’s signature TikTok intros by saying: “I got it. Let’s try it. And rate it 1 to 10.” Though it wasn’t for her, fans got a kick out of her authentic reactions to the egg. A TikTok user, @moworthmedia, wrote: “yo can we get a whole series of this?? cardi taste test !!”

Though a taste series is yet to be confirmed, Cardi collaborated with Lee on a burger taste test. 

In Cardi’s video, she says that L.A. food isn’t her favorite, but that she got a “good recommendation” to try Easy Street Burgers. Lee first rated Easy Street Burgers in 2023.

“You know what? Since this person recommended this place, if I don’t like it, I wanna tell them in their face that I don’t like it,” she playfully says as she introduces Lee to the camera. Lee comes on camera and says his signature intro right beside Cardi, bringing her balut egg video’s intro to a full circle.

After calling herself a “real big burger expert,” and saying she just came back from Colombia where she feels she tried the best burger, Cardi gives positive rates to the two burgers she tried. She describes the first smash burger – called the Jalapeño Monster–’s appearance as a “fancier Shake Shack,” and that it tastes like a “chopped cheese.” She gave it a 9 and described it as “a healthier Shake Shack.” As for the Bacon Grilled Onion Burger, she rates it 7, because she’s not a big bacon lover. Lee points out how everyone has different tastebuds, and he gives the bacon burger a 10.

Lee also published his version of the video, with his personal touch on the video editing. He also added the burger’s prices: the Jalapeño Monster is $12.50, and the Bacon Grilled Onion Burger is $13.50.

This isn’t the first time Cardi B and Keith Lee have been in the same conversation. Last October, she backed his opinions on restaurants in Atlanta.